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Empowering Women Leaders through the support of European Union in Sierra Leone

Emilia Kamara Jengo

Emilia detailed her development and empowerment through collaboration with ActionAid, noting the organization's role in providing her with opportunities for international engagements and capacity-building, which have contributed to her success as a human rights advocate. She emphasized the importance of prioritizing diversity and inclusion in their endeavors and advocating for practices that uplift women in marginalized communities.

The strategies Emilia shared for empowering and mentoring women within their organization includes delegating responsibilities and fostering opportunities for personal and professional advancement. She underscored the importance of addressing gender biases and stereotypes in the workplace by advocating for equal opportunities and cultivating an inclusive environment for all staff members.

In conclusion, Emilia offered guidance to women aspiring for leadership positions, urging them to focus on leadership rather than control, be receptive to feedback, and pursue continuous growth. She expressed gratitude to ActionAid for the collaborative effort to empower women and advance gender equality in Sierra Leone.

We express gratitude to the European Union in Sierra Leone for their continuous support through ActionAid Sierra Leone in empowering women in Sierra Leone.