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Celebrating a Phenomenal Woman

Betty Sesay

Betty highlights various challenges women face in leadership positions, such as cultural norms, constitutional barriers, public speaking, and the burden of household responsibilities. She emphasizes the importance of reducing women's workload and gaining support from men to address these challenges. In her organization, she prioritizes inclusivity and support, with three out of four top management positions held by women.

Their partnership with ActionAid has been instrumental in empowering women through training, financial support, and exposure opportunities. ActionAid's contribution during crises, such as civil war, mudslides, Ebola, and COVID-19, has been significant in supporting vulnerable communities. 

Sesay encourages women aspiring for leadership roles to have confidence, seek support from women's organizations, and prioritize education and empowerment. She also urges men to value and support women's leadership. Women's Action for Human Dignity Sierra Leone - WAHD SL

We express gratitude to the European Union for their continuous support through ActionAid in empowering women in Sierra Leone.