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ActionAid Sierra Leone (AASL) Launches a New Five-Year Country Strategy Paper (2024 to 2028)

Country Strategy Launch

ActionAid Sierra Leone launches a New Country Strategy

The New Country Strategy Paper titled “Transformative Action for Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Communities” serves as a roadmap designed to usher in a new era of ActionAid Sierra Leone’s contribution to national development. 

This strategy is aligned with the Big Five Game Changers of the Government of Sierra Leone Mid Term Development Plan (2024 to 2030), the Global Sustainable Development Goals, and the realities of our target communities.

The strategy has three key priority areas including: 

Priority 1: Inclusive and Empowering Education to Foster Diverse Opportunities

Priority 2: Inclusive and Participatory Governance for Sustainable Development.

Priority 3: Climate Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods.

According to the Executive Director of ActionAid Sierra Leone, Foday-Bassie Swaray, “This strategic plan contains our collective aspirations and continuous commitment to the people of Sierra Leone for the next five years as we move towards building a more Inclusive, resilient and sustainable communities”.

The Sierra Leone Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Madam Kenyeh Barlay applauded AASL for all its developmental initiatives in the country and for supporting the Government of Sierra Leone’s plans and schemes. She emphasized that Non-Governmental Organizations like ActionAid Sierra Leone are contributing immensely to community-centered development and their goals are seamlessly aligned with the government of Sierra Leone’s vision for sustainable economic growth. “My Ministry recognizes the significant role played by NGOs as critical partners in achieving the development goals of the National Medium-Term Development Plan. Working hand in hand with the Government of Sierra Leone to create positive impacts and sustainable change, more so reaching the last mile with our development programs despite the challenges in various clusters are laudable and worth appreciating” she detailed. 

The Chairperson of the Board of Directors of ActionAid Sierra Leone (AASL), Madam Simitie Lavaly Esq. emphasized that the Board was proud to hear all the pleasant statements from stakeholders about AASL, and the statements resonate well with their expectations., because it is their responsibility to ensure that the plans and budgets that are put forward are fully implemented and are transparent and accountable to all. 

The Representative of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Sierra Leone, Serena Bertaina revealed that EU and AASL have collaborated for over 10 years on the implementation of three projects. “We are pleased to maintain partnership with ActionAid Sierra Leone due to their robust systems and compliance mechanisms for program and project implementation”.

In his keynote address, the Chief Minister of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh said “The key words in the strategy are aligned with our values and principles: Inclusive, Resilient, Sustainable. But the real value and where the impact would come from is in the word ‘Action’, not any action but ‘Transformative Action”.

“In the spirit of being true partners in development, this strategy aligns with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Big Five Game Changers of the National Development Plan, and it’s reflected in the activities and actions as we have designed them”, he continued.

Through this strategic endeavor, ActionAid Sierra Leone aims to catalyze positive change, stimulate economic growth, and strengthen Sierra Leone’s social fabric. The strategy leverages innovative approaches and collaboration to address current challenges while laying the foundation for a brighter future.